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Re: Mixin model for generic warning/blocking configurable from UI

by di Sergio Corato, Sergio Corato
- 11/12/2020 00:21:20
Thanks all!

@Harald: I checked *_tier_validation, bus it is not extensible from the user, I was searching a more flexible way
@Ivàn/Faraz: *_exception can be useful, I'll try to extend them
@Patrick: as pointed out from Daniel, I need a more complete approach

Sergio Corato

Il giorno gio 10 dic 2020 alle ore 18:02 Daniel Reis <> ha scritto:

> You can also do this via automated actions in the GUI. The action 

> needs to execute Python code but you can raise warnings within the 

> auto action.

True, but only for onchange action.
I had my fair share of head scratching because of this.


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