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Re: subscription or contracts?

Mind and Go, Florent THOMAS
- 30/03/2024 19:46:09

Our experience is that subscription is doing the stuff properly and natively.

What cannot be done with subscription is mainly :
* deal with different recurrent frequency on lines
* make the quantity (invoiced/ordered) on dynamic data extracted from a python formula

Everything else is possible with subscription and mostly easier.
So if you don't need one of those choose subscription.
From now it's not available on the user portal but it will be simple to improve this.


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De: "Jan Suhr | Nitrokey" <>
À: "contributors" <>
Envoyé: Vendredi 29 Mars 2024 22:22:13
Objet: subscription or contracts?

I would like to use some functionality of recurring sales and/or 
recurring invoices. Looking at [1] I see "contract*" and 
subscription_oca. Both seem to do pretty much the same and I'm wondering 
which one to use.

Subscriptions seem to be a bit easier to use. But are there any 
technical aspects which one solution can do but not the other?

It seems that subscription_oca matches the official documentation [2] so 
maybe it's an OCA maintained former Odoo SA implementation? And 
contracts are an independent implementation? In this case which one has 
the more promising future path?

Best regards,


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