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Re: Advanced(?) use of calendar view in 13.0

Le Filament, Rémi Cazenave
- 04/12/2020 19:25:50

Hi Radovan,

You might be able to do that without having to change JS part.

1) You should be able to create a new computer many2many field linking task with res_users containing both user_id and assistant_id, let's call it involved_ids

Then you should be able to add this involved_ids field in the calendar view (like done on partner_ids in calendar.event)

2) You should add the fields you want in calendar type view (project.view_task_calendar in that case I guess before or after name field), in case you also want to update the popup, you may need to add readonly_form_view_id attribute to your calendar view.

We have been implementing quite a few changes on calendar for one of our customer (, together with management of resource ( This customer also needed a per resource / per user view so we needed to implement fullcalendar premium library through this module : (in case one would like to reuse that, you would need to check the license at since GPL-3 is only valid for open-source projects)

Best Regards,

Le Filament
Le 01/12/2020 à 12:57, Radovan Skolnik a écrit :



we use calendar view for displaying project tasks using color="user_id" - standard thing. However we have created an additional field on project.task that is Many2one reference to assistant (a second guy that participates in the task).


Now I would like to achieve these 2 things but no amount of searching helped me in any way:


1) When selecting a user_id checkobox on the right be able to display also tasks where that user is an assistant. Is it possible somehow?


2) Cutomize the content of the entry (task) box. It only shows name, all the configured attributes appear in that popup box tha tappears on the click like this:

Whereas in 12.0 you had all the information inside the box:


Can I achieve something similar? I want to have additional visual information present on the record, not just name.


Thank you very much. Best regards


Radovan Skolnik

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