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Re: Delayed stock valuation in a specific situation

NextERP Romania S.R.L., Mihai Fekete
- 04/12/2020 17:29:37
Hi Radovan,

we have the same workflow in Romania, you can check the module, so
in the purchase you  have basically the price from the pricelist of the
supplier, or the normal cost price of the product. In teh reception,
you have one checkbox, name "Notice" to flag the reception of being one
without invoice. This will add the products in stock at the price from
purchase (probably not the one that will came on the invoice). In the
Setting, in the Romania Tab, we have one checkbox "Stock Valuation
Update" which when you will receive the invoice from supplier goes back
to the purchased valuation layer and update the price (also creating
the corresponding account move lines) for the price difference. I will
have to check if this one is propagated also to the delivery of the
product to have the whole workflow.


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I'm not the creator/designer of the module, but I would say that it's more or less that way.

I'm afraid I can't be your hero in the calendar thing.

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