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Delayed stock valuation in a specific situation

Data Dance s.r.o., Radovan Skolnik
- 04/12/2020 11:04:33

another peculiar problem which occurs quite often here in Slovakia in SO-PO 
scenarios. By the law we use Average Cost for stock valuation. I am not 
skilled enough in accounting and stock valuation principles so I might be 
guessing here and there - especially on how Odoo worksin this regard. Feel 
free to correct where necessary.

In certain situations it can happen that you receive a product from vendor but 
you don't have an invoice for that yet and don't know exact price. I know it 
sounds strange but we work as partners with certain producers and sometimes we 
just do not have 100% updated pricelists. We do not use RfQs and just straight 
order - usually with zeroed prices and wait for invoice to fill them in. You 
want to ship the product to the customer ASAP. Now in here they solve it using 
what is called "delayed stock out" (not sure about correct translation). The 
idea here is that because we didn't receive the invoice from vendor yet, we 
cannot calculate stock value yet. But at the same time we need to send the 
product to customer with customer invoice. But in that case we cannot 
recalculate stock value because we do not yet know the average value (because 
that depends on that invoice we're yet to receive).

Have you stumbled upon anything similar? Is there an existing way to deal with 
this? As far as I understand the inner working of Odoo here, the value of 
incoming stock is taken from POL and put into stock.move to be later used for 
stock value recalculation. But we might not have the correct price in POL.

The way AFAIK various accounting softwares deal with this is to put the 
incoming stcok value recalculation into some kind of queue until the invoice 
comes in and then process them. But that also means putting into that queue 
all the other moves regarding the same product. Implementing this into Odoo 
seems quite a big change.

Any kind of help is welcome. Best regards

	Radovan Skolnik