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Re: Mail cc

- 01/12/2020 11:28:04
Hello Sergio,

Completely agree, when you are a follower on some PO or SO or whatever 
Odoo document, you should be cc of the email.  This is a major drawback 
for me, but I've never came across any solution to this issue...

Even Fabien P. seems to not understand the issue for the end user.

Best use case : open an issue on Odoo :

Copy some colleagues

When you get an answer from Odoo, you never know if your colleagues 
received the answer or not... So everybody starts forwarding the email 
to everybody...


Vincent Regouby

Le 01/12/2020 à 10:47, Sergio Corato a écrit :

> Hi all,


> AFAIK there isn't a generic approach to send mail with CC instead of 

> A, or I miss something?


> The use case would be something like: if a mail is sent to 1 

> recipient, go with A. If there are multiple recipients, 1 go with A 

> and the other with CC.


> So an 'integrated' logic, without user intervention (except to 

> optionally change the A recipient, or something other).


> Thanks in advance!


> Sergio Corato


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    Mail cc

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