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Re: Analytic distribution / Analytic tags - Impact on journal items

Juan José Scarafía
- 17/11/2020 16:57:52
Hi Guillaume,
We have the same needs and think similar to you.
Before the existence of analytic tags (and analytic tags distributions) we have this module "account_analytic_distribution" that works this way:
* on an invoice you choose the "distribution analytic account" on each line (it is a normal analytic account with distribution lines as the new analytic tags of odoo)
* when validating the invoice, the account.move was created but account.move.line where splitted if you're using analytic distribution

That way, the distribution works for analytic and accounting reports.

We haven't migrated or found an approach for v13+ yet. On v13, with the removal of account.invoice, I was thinking in something similar but perhaps more "manual" on the invoice, a button to split lines, but you won't have a way to go back to the distribution.

Ing. Juan José Scarafía

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twitter: @jjscarafia

github: @jjscarafia

On Tue, Nov 17, 2020 at 9:57 AM Vandamme, Guillaume <> wrote:
Hello everyone,

I'm currently facing an issue with the analytic distribution functionality of Odoo. I would like to share it with you as some may have faced the same issue recently and may be able to help. I'm working on Odoo V12, but the same situation occurs on different versions as well. 

When checking the 'Analytic Distribution' box on an analytic tag, this analytic tag can be used to allocate a certain percentage of an expense or an income on several analytic accounts.
Example: On the picture below, the 'Analytic distribution key 1' analytic tag will allocate 50% of the expense/income on the 'Administrative' analytic account and the remaining 50% on the 'Commercial & Marketing' analytic account.


When validating a simple vendor bill of 100 euros with this 'Analytic distribution key 1' selected, Odoo is generating a journal entry with three journal items: payable account, tax account and an expense account (100 euros) which is linked to the 'Analytic distribution key 1' analytic tag. My two analytic accounts (Administrative + Commercial & Marketing) don't appear here.


Besides that, Odoo is also generating two analytic items in the 'Accounting --> Analytic items' menu to divide the total amount of the expense (100 euros) according to the distribution key (50% for both analytic accounts). These analytic lines can also be found in the 'Analytic Lines tab' on the expense journal item.


My problem is that this breakdown on both analytic accounts doesn't appear in the journal items/entries, it only appears in the analytic items. This makes reporting based on journal items much more complicated (ex: Mis Report to generate a P&L by analytic account).

I would rather prefer that the breakdown on both analytic accounts applies directly on the journal entry. Hence, instead of having one expense journal item (100 euros) related to the analytic tag, we would have two expense journal items (50 euros each),both related to their analytic account (Administrative or Commercial&Marketing). This would probably make things much easier.


Any thoughts on this?
Does this 'problem' sound familiar for some of you? Has anyone ever found a solution for this?

Thank you very much for your help,


Guillaume Vandamme

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