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Re: How to propagate custom info/note from Sale Order Line to Purchase Order Line using MTO

Data Dance s.r.o., Radovan Skolnik
- 14/11/2020 18:01:15
In a way yes. This is already done (at least partially) by sale_stock, 
purchase_stock, sale_purchase. But in this scenario PO(L)s are created by 
stock rules that are created in between (not using dropshipping). So the 
PO(L)s are created from these stock rules and not directly from SO(L)s. Maybe 
there is a link between I do not know.

So far I like Pedro's idea the best but have to investigate how and if this 
would work in my scenario.

Best regards


On piatok 13. novembra 2020 16:12:29 CET Yann Papouin wrote:

> You want create a link between a POL and SOL to access your specific SOL

> fields for each POL ?


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