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How to propagate custom info/note from Sale Order Line to Purchase Order Line using MTO

Data Dance s.r.o., Radovan Skolnik
- 13/11/2020 15:31:42

for our customers we offer standard products but also one-off custom-made stuff 
that we order from our suppliers. These are for example special tables with 
individual dimensions for each project.
So we have a "template" product (not in the Odoo meaning) that we put into 
Sale Order  and in the special SOL field we specify the dimensions. Now if the 
customer accepts the offer, Purchase Order is automatically created as we have 
MTO setup. We do not group POs nor POLs, so each SOL gets its own POL.

Now how would I be able to propagate contents of that special SOL field into 
its apropriate POL? Or should I use any other approach?

Thank you very much. Best regards

	Radovan Skolnik