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OCA 2020 Delegate Election Results plus Financial Auditors Campaign NOW OPEN

MoaHub, Rebecca Gellatly
- 09/11/2020 09:08:23

Dear OCA Contributors,

I wanted to share with you the new 2020 Delegates from the  election we have just run:
  • Alexandre Díaz
  • Bhavesh Odedra
  • Carlos Daudén Calvete
  • Marcos Méndez Quintero
  • Mihai-Adrian Fekete
  • Raphaël Reverdy
  • Raphaël Valyi
  • Renato Lima
  • Souheil Bejaoui
  • Wolfgang Hall
Thank you to all the Members that applied. It is great to see motivation and enthusiasm within the group and certainly helps to keep an active and engaged community.

As a Contributor if you aren't already a Member and would like to become one you can purchase your membership online here.

To let you know we have also opened the Board Member and Financial Auditor Campaigns.

Only Delegates can apply to become Board Members (this includes our new Delegates) but you do not need to be a Member or Delegate to apply to become a Financial Auditor. The application survey is here. This campaign will close on Friday 20th November, 2020.

Any questions, please let me know.

Warm regards,
Rebecca Gellatly
General Secretary
Odoo Community Association