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[26132] Status of the EBICS Integration

InitOS GmbH, Frederik Kramer
- 03/11/2020 17:01:25
Dear fellow Odooers, 

i am coming back to a potential Odoo <-> EBICS integration.
First thanks to Luc DeMeyer from Noviat, Bettina Peiffer from
Digitally, Jacques-André Eberhard from Open Net and Thorsten Vocks from
OpenBig who all already provided valuable and knowledgable feedback on
the matter. As it seems Noviats modules

are the only ones for full automation of banking interation with the
EBICS standard so far, but rely on a python fintech module

that has a "free to use" license for a restricted environment and cost
quite a bit of money for production level usage besides creating a

As Luc told me, he wasn't successful in finding a "real" open source
alternative to that python module.

In that regard i have recenty found a Java based Open Source
implementation of an EBICS client

and as Thorsten Vocks suggested some form of semi automation may also
be achieve by using the Java based banking tools of the Hibiscus
Banking application

Now to my question: I am wondering if somebody else in the community
found  or is working on a python basis (i.e. Open Source Python Ebics
client)  in that direction that solves the problem for the python world
or has made production level experiences with any from of end to end
Open Souce based integration. 

Any feedback / comments on the matter are very much appreciated. 

Best Frederik 

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