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Re: Odoo - Cash drawers for shops

Iván Todorovich
- 31/10/2020 21:50:15
Hi Rafael!

We implemented the cashology cashdrawer mentioned above. I think there’s a lot to improve but it’s probably a good base as it already implements all the cash register operations I believe

I think we can clean it up and make the necessary refactors to make it work with other brands and models, and propose to oca. The thing is, without the machine, it’s really difficult to test. At the time we had to do a few on-site sprints to get it working.


Le sam. 31 oct. 2020 à 17:32, Houssine BAKKALI <> a écrit :

Hi Rafael,

We use for the Cashology POS 1500 from Azkoyen for a cooperative supermarket in Brussels. It works pretty well. The manufacturer is from Spain.

Pos module is pos_automatic_cashdrawer and driver is hw_automatic_cashdrawer_cashlogy

You can find it on our repo original work is from La Louve and Druido but porting to 12.0 wasn't finished so we finished and modified it on our own repo.

We got it working for Odoo 9.0 and 12.0.

You'll need a middleware installed on windows and wired to the cashdrawer and running your POS on the same computer and then a posbox on which the driver run.

There is a cashdrawer simulator but not sure it cover all the use cases. I get stuck with a different behaviour between the simulator and machine. If you plan some dev you'll need to have a window environment for it.

I also heard about an Odoo integration with Glory cashdrawer by the belgian BHC partner, but I suppose the code in not open source.

I hope it helps.



On 31/10/2020 13:07, Ignacio Ibeas (Acysos S.L.) wrote:


I have integrated Cashdro:

I can move to OCA, but it's very complicated make test, because you need the hardware. So I'don move to OCA, because always request Tests.


El 31/10/20 a las 8:32, Rafael Blasco escribió:

Dear friends,


We are looking for in nice integration with cash drawers for shops.


Do you know and manufacturer and maybe any of you have already integrated?


I have open an issue


Thanks in advance


Rafael Blasco



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