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Access rights for website content

NUMIGI Solutions Inc., Quentin Lavallée-Bourdeau
- 27/10/2020 13:41:50
Hi all,

We are doing some projects involving the website part with Odoo and were wondering if any of you had worked on access rights for publication of modification of content for the website?

I haven’t seen anything in the community in this line for now, but it is something that would strike me as a must for most companies.

Our need would be to lock some pages (for example the landing page) while letting users edit or create other pages or to have an approval process for publication.

I'd also be open to suggestions on the best approach to tackle this if some of you have insights.

Thanks in advance!

Quentin Lavallee - Chargé de projets
(514) 317-7944

Longueuil, Québec, Canada