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Stock valuation based on warehouse/location - food for thought ;-)

Data Dance s.r.o., Radovan Skolnik
- 20/03/2024 18:58:53

today I have had an interesting conversation about Odoo's shortcoming regarding stock valuation. I was told it is common practice and in some cases part of the legislation in here to have a different stock valuation in different warehouses/locations. For example I commonly purchase a certain type of notebook which I store in a warehouse A from which I also sell it. Now I have won a big contract to supply 500 of such notebooks somewhere. I contact my supplier, arrange a big discount for the 500 notebooks and have them sent to warehouse B (a project warehouse). The requirement would be that the valuation of stock in warehouse B is different (based on that heavily discounted purchase) from the one in warehouse A and these 2 shouldn't mix.

Have you ever encountered such requirement? Is this common situation? I do not really need to solve this but it just got me curious. I guess it should be possible to create such a thing but that would mean patching stock_account, purchase_stock, stock_landed_costs and mrp_subcontracting_[purchase|dropshipping] and we would have possible as many stock valuation layer entries for each product as warehouses/locations that we deal with separately. Any inputs/comments would be welcome.

Best regards

	Radovan Skolnik