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Re: Help! Screen recording tool being discountinued

Sergio Zanchetta
- 20/03/2024 09:15:56
Il giorno mar 19 mar 2024 alle ore 11:22 Francesco Foresti
<> ha scritto:


> Hi all,


> my question is not odoo-related but very relevant for operations in my company.


> We've been using this tool for screen recording and sharing:


> Unfortunately it will be discontinued by the end of the month and I'm looking for a replacement.


> This tool was specifically user friendly as installing the desktop app (mac/win covering 99% of customers) it allowed for:


> - having a quick shortcut to screen recording

> - when recording ended, a link was automatically generated for sharing the video

> - no storage limit or preservation issues (links would still be working after months)

Hi Francesco, have a look at pypeek:

Simple, effective and multiplatform.
No link and storage support unfortunately, but if you have a nextcloud
instance (self-hosted or fully managed [*[) you could activate a share
with links so that clients can easily upload videos by drag and drop.