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Re: Introducing a new module: changing the title of the browser window

MetricWise, Inc., Adam Heinz
- 19/03/2024 14:59:48
That sounds a little bit like portal_odoo_debranding in

On Tue, Mar 19, 2024 at 5:27 AM oca <> wrote:
Dear ladies and gentlemen,

My name is Stefan Pannier and I work as a project manager for the company "Intero Technologies GmbH" in Stralsund. We have many developers with a wide range of experience. Many of them have been working with Odoo for several years.
We just want to start getting more involved with the OCA. In your description says something about availability. What exactly do you mean by that?

We would like to present a new module at the OCA and get to know this process so that we can publish other modules.

New module:
The new module is for the project "Web" and it is about changing the title of the browser window. The standard "Odoo" is replaced by a text of your choice. The new title can be set for each company.

Is it the right repository?
Does it make sense to include this module in the OCA?

Best regards

Stefan Pannier

Tel.: +49 3831 44557-0
Intero Technologies GmbH
Heinrich-Heine-Ring 76
18435 Stralsund
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18059 Rostock
Sperberweg 28
50829 Köln
Von-Harnack-Straße 27-28
06712 Zeitz
Geschäftsführer: Frank Löffler, Lars Lifson USt-Id: DE 251251697, AG Stralsund HRB 7076
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