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Re: Generate reports for international warehouse transfer

Ygol InternetWork, Yves Goldberg
- 19/03/2024 12:39:09
@Daniel & @DIT International,  it is the same company indeed that is owning the warehouses (and the inventory).
It works fairly well by creating a self SO and PO but since we don't really need those SO/PO I will propose to go with @Dominique k solution to create those reports directly from the picking object.
Again, thanks & cheers.

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Subject: Re: Generate reports for international warehouse transfer
Date: Thursday, March 14, 2024 19:02


I think the simplest way is to customise a picking slp into a pro-forma invoice
you "simply" need to add a price unit (== product price) and a total.



On Tue, 12 Mar 2024 at 23:42, Yves Goldberg <> wrote:

When transferring products from one WH to another WH in different countries.
I need to provide commercial invoice and proforma.

How do you handle such case?

- Add a button to generate a SO to oneself from the internal transfer.
- Create a route on each line of a SO to oneself.
- Create those report (commercial invoice + proforma) directly on the picking (and avoid the SO creation).
Any insight that can help?
Thank you
Yves Goldberg


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