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Re: Social Media Management in Odoo Community

Francesco Ballerini
- 19/03/2024 09:48:11
Thanks for the quick response and sorry for my late answer. 

I agree it would be pretty a nice addition to the repo, unfortunately it's not one of our priorities at the moment so we cannot invest time in this kind of development. 

To be more precise I have been asked from a co-worker if social media connectors were covered for odoo14 Community but it didn't sound like an urgent request. However, if someone has implemented it privately and wants to share its contact I'll keep you in mind if I will be asked to actually implement social media connectors in our infrastructure as I never implemented something similar and I think it's better for us to buy a connector in this case instead of implement a solution by ourselves.

We are mostly interested in linkedin, instagram and facebook.

Thanks as always for your precious help, regards.

Francesco Ballerini

Il giorno lun 18 mar 2024 alle ore 10:22 Daniel Reis <> ha scritto:
I would say oca/social is the best place for those features:

On 18/03/2024 09:07, Francesco Ballerini wrote:

does OCA has any repository that allows to manage social media like facebook, linkedin or other media in the way that Odoo Enterprise does with modules like social_facebook, social_linkedin etc? 

Francesco Ballerini

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