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Re: 14.0 branches

Acsone SA/NV, Stéphane Bidoul
- 13/10/2020 11:41:32
On Tue, Oct 13, 2020 at 11:11 AM Jairo Llopis
<> wrote:

> There's one thing that's true, Stéphane, and it's that you asked nobody... I'm sad but you have to admit that. 🤷‍ Actually in the template, the default value was "OCA", so this was a total surprise. I don't agree with the flamewar itself, but I guess you should have expected it...

As I said earlier:

> in the past the only arguments I had received were of the general class "I don't like it", but nothing really concrete.

> So yeah, I guess I'm pushing a little bit in the hope of getting solid feedback.

I honestly did not expect a flamewar on this but it probably
illustrates why the topic was stuck before.
But we are now making progress, so that's good :)
And I repeat this was and still is totally revertible, and it has had
zero impact on anyone's workflow in practice yet.

> What happens when the module name differs from the package name? Or when several packages provide modules with the same name? How do we specify that in the manifest? AFAIK, until today only the module name is used there...

Since v13 we can and should use the PyPI package name in manifest
external dependencies.

> Do we need to create the setup folder on all PRs? Or does the bot do it?

There is a pre-commit hook that does it for you, it's part of the template.

> If pip dependencies can be expressed through git, have you considered dropping the wheelhouse and using always git as dep system (with pip)?

The problem is then locating the repo in the first place. Having a
flat space with all OCA addons easily installable is a simplification,

> If the wheelhouse is meant to be used as a playground before real packages are pushed to pypi, have you considered using These might be dumb questions, but if it speeds up OCA workflow and removes the maintenance burden, it can be good.

The wheelhouse predates the decision to push to PyPI, it's not really
been a maintenance burden so far (especially compared to all the rest
of the OCA infra :). I think it still has value as an OCA only source.

> Where can we find docs about all of this? If none, then may you add them please?

The OCA infrastructure lacks documentation in general. I'm trying to
organize my slides of Thursday in a format that we can use as a
reference in the future.
Now I think I'll mute this thread otherwise said slides are never
going to materialize :)

> Finally a word for PSCs that want to disable this behavior in some specific repos: instead of directly writting to .travis.yml, please use copier instead: copier update -fd dependency_installation_mode=OCA