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Re: 14.0 branches

Vauxoo, Nhomar Hernández
- 12/10/2020 22:10:54
Hello Daniel.

Yes I understand.

AFAIK there is a problem with the version in  pip.

How do you cohexsists 14-13-12-11 in the same environment?
How do you manage to do "from odoo import odoo" and falling apart virtualenv, how do you manage such coexistence?

I am pretty sure it is out of the scope from odoo (but they are not closed to do it) because the owner of the pip package is vauxoo.

Olivier asked us a few years ago to give it to them but then after a few conversations it was never a priority to them (but maybe that will change).


PS: can you share the command to tray it from github?

I tried several options and I can't get it to work.

El lun., 12 de oct. de 2020 a la(s) 12:47, Daniel Reis ( escribió:
On 12/10/2020 11:07, Nhomar Hernández wrote:

Do you think Odoo will be pip-installable in some moment?

Just clearing this one, yes it is, thanks to some key contribution Stéphane made into the Odoo core.

Actually, I'll have a talk at the OCA Days called "pip install odoo":

I personally find it very convenient and use it everyday in my dev environments.
(Don't ask me about using it in deployment, my infrastructure team doesn't let me put a finger in their servers...).


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