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Re: Is there a way to create account.analytic.line from stock.move?

Data Dance s.r.o., Radovan Skolnik
- 12/10/2020 14:05:11
Oh, now I see (after long staring at various pieces of code). Account Move 
(account.move) ensures creation of Analytic Entries (account.analytic.line) 
for Account Move Lines (account.move.line) that are validated. So that way OCA 
module stock_analytic provides the possibility to create Analytic Entries in 
_prepare_account_move_line method...

OK, now I'll update the code of procurement_mto_analytic (actually only the 
second part as the first part is there already - or should that be another 
module or even a new one?) with the code you provided, the analytical account 
value should be propagated into stock move lines. Now does stock move somehow 
relate to account move (to generate analytic entries)? Does not seem to me 

Thank you very much for info. Best regards


On pondelok 12. októbra 2020 12:26:51 CEST Dominique k wrote:

> in odoo standard, analytic entries (account.analytic.line) are generated

> with journal entries (== invoices in v13 onwards). It is also possible to

> create analytic entries separately, typically with timesheet. In fact

> timesheet entries are analytic lines with the OCA module stock_analytic,

> analytic entries are created when a stock move is validated. that is all as

> far as i know. other modules, do not generate analytic lines, instead, they

> add an analytic account to a document, which eventually ends up/link up

> as/with a timesheet, an invoice or a stock move. Regards, Dominique

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