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OCA 2020 AGA - starts next week with the Delegates Campaign

MoaHub, Rebecca Gellatly
- 08/10/2020 04:07:57

Hello OCA Contributors,

I hope this year has been treating you well. We are looking forward to seeing many of you online at the OCA Days next week.

I am writing to let you know that the 2020 Annual General Assembly will commence on Monday 12th October:
  • the first step is for current paid members to apply for delegate candidacy 
  • following this the existing paid delegates will vote for 10 new delegates
  • once we have our new delegates, all delegates new and existing will be able to apply for OCA board candidacy and vote in the AGA.
If this is something you have been thinking about please make sure your membership is up to date and look out for the details on how to apply as a delegate next week.

Any questions, please get in touch.
Warmest regards,

Rebecca Gellatly
General Secretary
Odoo Community Association