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[26137] Usage of Py3o templating engine in Odoo projects

InitOS GmbH, Manuel Engel
- 02/10/2020 14:15:04
Dear contributors,
we wanted to have the ability to generate sales and invoice documents 
based on document templates in one of our Odoo projects.
For this purpose, we decided to give the template engine Py3o a try. In 
the end, we came up with some questions
we would like to ask you.

* Have you been able to realize a similar workflow compared to the 
application Microsoft Sharepoint? If that is the case, how did you do this?
* What means did you use the store the data Py3o needs to access during 
filling the template?
* In which way did you store an already generated generated report?

We are looking forward to your feedback and thank you for this in advance.

Best regards,

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Manuel Engel
Trainee Anwendungsentwicklung

initOS GmbH
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