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Re: Making a redirect from "/" to "/shop" is bad idea for indexing Odoo website?

- 05/03/2024 12:28:38
Le 4 mars 2024 14:42:23 GMT+01:00, Francesco Ballerini <> a écrit :

>Hi Xavier,

>thanks for this valuable feedback!

>I wasn't aware of SEO redirection module, it as I generally watch in 14.0, sometimes on 12.0 repositories, I see the module it's stuck on v10 but good to know that something like this exists.

>We are currently supporting our website with another infrastructure and planning to switch to Odoo soon. About the analytics, from what I have been told a consistent amount of our customers search specific products by submitting the internal reference of the product in the search box and our current "Home" isn't too different compared to the /shop page served by Odoo standard + OCA with the addition of a bunch of modules.

>I generally like to design new widgets and templates, in this specific case though I think I will follow your first advice and map the /shop into the domain, or similar solution, really good to know it's not relevant for SEO.

>Thank you very much -- Francesco Ballerini

I can't check, but i am quite sure that the OCA module is available also in v14.