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Re: How do I copy a websitebuilder block in a theme

- 04/03/2024 19:25:41
Answer to myself.

to duplicate e a block just add it to the actual page and then click into it.
you the get a copy icon just below the "Blocks Customize Theme" line in the right side of the screen.
However this is not the case fr the "Header" Block.
Unfortunately this is the one I would like to duplicate/customize.

If somebody knows how to do that, I am still eager to learn how to do it.

thanks for listening

Robert (the greYt)

On 04.03.24 17:07, wrote:
Hi friends in odoo

I would like to duplicate and edit a website builder block in odoo V17.

I was of the impression, that I saw that this is possible in a website builder 
tutorial, but I can not
find that tutorial again, and neither a way to do it in the website builder.

Thanks a lot for your help
and all the best


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