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Re: Making a redirect from "/" to "/shop" is bad idea for indexing Odoo website?

Francesco Ballerini
- 04/03/2024 14:36:48
Hi Xavier, 

thanks for this valuable feedback!

I wasn't aware of SEO redirection module, it as I generally watch in 14.0, sometimes on 12.0 repositories, I see the module it's stuck on v10 but good to know that something like this exists.

We are currently supporting our website with another infrastructure and planning to switch to Odoo soon. About the analytics, from what I have been told a consistent amount of our customers search specific products by submitting the internal reference of the product in the search box and our current "Home" isn't too different compared to the /shop page served by Odoo standard + OCA with the addition of a bunch of modules. 

I generally like to design new widgets and templates, in this specific case though I think I will follow your first advice and map the /shop into the domain, or similar solution, really good to know it's not relevant for SEO.

Thank you very much
Francesco Ballerini

Il giorno lun 4 mar 2024 alle ore 12:15 Xavier <> ha scritto:
Le 3 mars 2024 14:32:19 GMT+01:00, Francesco Ballerini <> a écrit :



>I am trying to build an e-Commerce with odoo14 and I have noticed that home route is an empty page. Basically everything I need in the home is already in the "/shop" page. Main template that I need are


>- product grid

>- e-Commerce categories

>- featured products (introduced with 3rd party module)

>- new arrivals  (introduced with 3rd party module)


>It would be a pain to bring all these into a new route (home route) and it would be so much reasonable to just make a redirect from "/" to "/shop".


>My issue is that my knowledge of "indexing" is basically non-existent, so I'm not aware of the consequences, it's hard for me to formulate a specific question about this topic so I'm just going to ask, in general: the "redirect approach"  would be a BAD approach considering the way Odoo is designed ?


>In case it is not the right approach would you be so kind to suggest me a better possible solution to bring all template and controllers that I need from "/shop" to "/" ?


>I ask this mainly because have been told that *generally *keeping your home on "/" will improve the indexing, but I am not sure if that also applies to the Odoo structure.


>Will really appreciate your feedbacks

>Thank you



>Francesco Ballerini





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The obvious way is by setting your home url in the web server (domain.tld/shop). You can also use an OCA module "website SEO redirection" that let you redirect any url.

But you may find more interesting to keep your home as is and add some useful widgets like featured products, new products, products more often buy, sales, etc. Regarding categories the mega menu will do the same.

In any case, this is not bad for SEO.

Anyway, don't forget to keep an eye on your website analytics. Because most visitors comes directly on a product page. So this question about home or shop is mostly irelevant.

Hope this help

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