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Product qty constraints for services

CorporateHub OU, Alexey Pelykh
- 04/03/2024 08:10:29
Fellow contributors,

I'm looking for a module - prior to jumping onto a train of making one - that would allow setting min/max/multiplier for products that are services.
In v14, it could've been accomplished by sale_by_packaging module, yet as it was refactored in v16 this unintended feature is no longer available for services.

My justification for possibly making a new module only for qty constraints is as follows: services like support or consulting can also be sold in packs of 5 hours.
Yet that has nothing to do with inventory or stock.

Yet it feels like such thing has already been implemented somewhere - I just can't find the place.

Is there a known module that does that?
Are there any objections making the module?

Kind regards,