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Making a redirect from "/" to "/shop" is bad idea for indexing Odoo website?

Francesco Ballerini
- 03/03/2024 14:26:48


I am trying to build an e-Commerce with odoo14 and I have noticed that home route is an empty page. Basically everything I need in the home is already in the "/shop" page. Main template that I need are

- product grid

- e-Commerce categories

- featured products (introduced with 3rd party module)

- new arrivals (introduced with 3rd party module)

It would be a pain to bring all these into a new route (home route) and it would be so much reasonable to just make a redirect from "/" to "/shop".

My issue is that my knowledge of "indexing" is basically non-existent, so I'm not aware of the consequences, it's hard for me to formulate a specific question about this topic so I'm just going to ask, in general: the "redirect approach" would be a BAD approach considering the way Odoo is designed ?

In case it is not the right approach would you be so kind to suggest me a better possible solution to bring all template and controllers that I need from "/shop" to "/" ?

I ask this mainly because have been told that generally keeping your home on "/" will improve the indexing, but I am not sure if that also applies to the Odoo structure.

Will really appreciate your feedbacks

Thank you


Francesco Ballerini

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