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Re: Purchasing "packaging-like" products

- 01/03/2024 23:20:48
This option with UoM is nice for food business because UoM is shown by default on the pdf reports (SO, INV).

To go a step further (in standard) your customer could create differents categories of UoM by type of products or by brand if there is a lot of differences. This would help to avoid having hundreds of UoM into the same category and limit the mistake of selecting « pack of X » if this specific UoM is not available for the product.

Aymerick Glowacki

Le ven. 1 mars 2024 à 22:12, Tom Blauwendraat <> a écrit :

Hi Radovan

I had to deal with a similar situation for a supermarket, where an external database had to be imported as products in the system. It had a lot of similar examples like "package of 6 eggs" or "crate of 20 bottles" whereby the purchase and sales units are different.

I ended up creating separate "uom" records for each, which correspond to a certain number of another "uom". So a "12 pack" is 12 times a "unit". You can then decide to purchase in a different unit and sell in another unit. Odoo also has some documentation on it:

Maybe this could help


On 3/1/24 20:36, Radovan Skolnik wrote:

I am dealing with a situation where the customer purchases many products that are like this: "Flora Margarine 8x1kg" It is not packaging, because it is not possible to buy just 1kg. This is quite confusing for the customer and I am trying to make it easier for them to manage. One of the problems is that they perceive that the UoM here should be kg (because they just see it there in the name). This can be handled by product_secondary_unit and stock_secondary_unit to get the amount in kgs.

What I think could help is this: when ordering 1 unit of that product somehow turn in into 8 units of virtual "Flora Margarine 1kg" I am trying to wrap my head around this with no success. I have considered these modules but none seem to be doing what I would like to:

* product_supplierinfo_qty_multiplier
* purchase_only_by_packaging
* product_pack

Any ideas on how to approach this? Thank you very much.

Best regards

	Radovan Skolnik

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