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Re: [PSA] mail template editor group, mass mailing user group

Holger Brunn
- 29/02/2024 19:30:52
> I think a security repository sounds like a great idea. I am less

> enthusiastic about auto-installation, as its use is a bit contentious and

> has spawned modules like  module_change_auto_install [1] .

but exactly that repository would be for people who want an installation that 
is, well, for however we define it 'secure by default'. There I'd find it a 
feature that if you have the repo, and install some module from core that does 
things violating our idea of 'secure by default', you get the module that 
squelches that violation immediately.

If we don't have the auto install, every integrator will have to depend on 
those modules explicitly, which I will do anyways for my customers, so for me 
it doesn't really matter. Still I think it will be more convenient for most 
people to just pull this repo into however they do their deployment, and then 
the magic happens.

But I agree, much less modules than authors think are a good idea to auto 
install in the general case.

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