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Re: Define permissions in website (frontend)

Comunitea, Rubén Seijas
- 23/09/2020 17:28:47

With module auth_signup you have a auth_signup_uninvited system parameter, then if you set it to False only users with login can access your website. That access can be granted by portal wizard action to users you wish as well.


Rubén Seijas
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El mié., 23 sept. 2020 a las 17:07, Yves Goldberg (<>) escribió:

How would I grant access to a website but only for a res_partner fulfilling a condition?

user case is publishing a list that is only accessible to partners who have "condition = True".

Another option would be to have a public page protected by a single password. Maybe in a popup?

Is there a module that could help? any pointer?

I was thinking to get in the controller, the user's id from the session and then conditionally return the required data but maybe there is an easier way?

Thank you

Yves Goldberg
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