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Re: Editing/Viewing attachments (mainly Word and Excel) directly on server without the need to download locally

Hunki Enterprises B.V., Holger Brunn
- 20/09/2020 19:45:22
> I'd be willing to try to port this to 13.0 Would you be so kind and provide

> some pointers and advice if needed?

you definitely need some concept of locking, so attachment_lock will be 
necessary to port, but also quite straightforward. For starting, I think you 
can piggyback on dms' locking, but you'll miss a few things that 
attackment_lock does.
You don't need attachment_action as this was just a container. nowadays all of 
this happens much cleaner in
which you can override directly

> Also, is it OK to skip 4 major versions

> and port to 13.0 directly?


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