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Re: Status of different branches and reasoning to choose

Tecnativa. S. L., Pedro M. Baeza
- 22/02/2024 13:33:07
Good summary from Xavier. Just one clarification: the question about even versions being more stable is a myth propagated by some interested parties. You may find the same number of problems in even or odd versions (as in any software), and nowadays, they have been reduced a lot thanks to the maturity the software has. Anyway, any just released version is expected to have some of them, requiring a bit of time to get the proper coverage. But I also want to distinguish here the scope of these bugs: most of the time they are really edge cases or special use cases that are uncovered or not tested when a refactoring is done, and only after someone faces such use case, it's discovered and fixed. We are now discovering some of them in 15.0 2 years after their release with a special case with stock packages while having dozens of customers without problem because they don't use that specific flow with the packages.

You have to analyze the customer requirements, and see the gap between them and:

- Odoo core features in that version.
- Already migrated OCA modules to that version.

and always trying to push to the latest version if possible, as it can be considered always the best version released. Only if the gap can be covered with a lot of OCA modules that are not migrated, then you may think about putting a prior version, but I invite you to reverse the thing: dedicate a bit of budget to migrate that modules to the latest version, and you will save having a lot of features including by Odoo S. A. itself in that version (they have more than 300 developers investing their full time each year to improve the product).