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Re: [26132] Status of the EBICS Integration

OpenBig, Thorsten Vocks
- 09/09/2020 13:29:47
Hi Frederik,

currently the easiest way is to my opinion to deal with SEPA flat files. I usually connect via a banking software (in my case it is MoneyMoney), capable to generate a SEPA CAMT.053 .xml file for all financial transactions. Then i use account_bank_statement_import_camt_oca module on the accounting dashboard in order to import all financial transactions of a certain period (day, week, month) from my bank account via the exported flat file. After that i follow up with the default Odoo reconciliation wizard. 

Starmoney Business 8.0 might be another alternative to generate the camt.053 .xml file. Here is an extract from from starmoney business 8.0 manual (in german language):
3.16 Daten im camt-Format (UTF-8) (*.xml) exportieren Um Daten aus StarMoney im camt-Format (UTF-8) (*.xml) zu exportieren, verfahren Sie folgendermaßen: 1. Klicken Sie in der Hauptnavigation auf das Menü Verwaltung und wählen Sie den Menüpunkt Datenexport aus. 2. Bestimmen Sie unter Quelle die Option Umsätze. Danach wählen Sie das Konto aus, aus dem Sie die Umsätze exportieren wollen 3. Im Feld Format wählen Sie den Eintrag camt-Format (UTF-8) (*.xml). 4. Klicken Sie anschließend auf [Exportieren] und bestimmen den Speicherort der Datei.

Formerly in 2014 we have realized for Odoo 7.0 in combination with HIBISCUS payment-server a "direct" HBCI integration. I have attached a step-by-step documentation about that implementation based upon the module bank_integration_de_hibiscus. Unfortunately we didn't follow up with further migrations especially to some major changes in Odoo concerning the reconciliation of invoices and payments. Still the Hibiscus payment server approach might be worth to investigate as the flat file import could be avoided. For sure also the direct payment of supplier invoices was more automated as it is currently even with all OCA modules to generate SEPA files on board.

EBICS implementation in Odoo could be a great improvement of the reconciliation process, if it is someday widely supported by german banks. What hibiscus server is currently doing should be integrated into Odoo to avoid another infrastructure setup as described in the attached .pdf file.

Best regards

Thorsten Vocks
Dipl. Kaufmann (FH)
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49661 Cloppenburg

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Am Mi., 9. Sept. 2020 um 12:02 Uhr schrieb Frederik Kramer <>:
Dear fellow Odooers, 

being asked by a customer and coming across FinTech and banking again i
stumbled on the EBICS standard and tried to make sense of the current
implementation status in Europe / Germany and the overall

As i have read, French as well as Swiss banks (among the Germans) are
following this bank integration standard and slowley but constantly
replace their older HBCI / FinTS interfaces in favor of EBICS.

However, at least for Germany i found the bank infrastructure quite
underdeveloped. For instance only German DZ-Bank seems to officially
offer a sandbox to test the integration and only to their customers. 

I therefore wonder if there is any partner out there (maybe the folks
at Akretion and Noviat know) that is using the integration with a
German bank (and if so against which test environment has it been

I saw that Zürcher Kantonalbank of Switzerland has a test environment
but obviously doesn't follow the whole standard, so that is not really
useful for the standard case (which should hopefully be applied in

As far as i can see the implementation can for now hand in SEPA
mandates to banks, but does it also receive a list of payments for SEPA
as well as NON-SEPA payments from the bank to be reconciled with open
invoices or is that still something that needs to be done manually
(with flat files)?

Thanks for any repsonse in that regards

Cheers Frederik

Dr.-Ing. Frederik Kramer
initOS GmbH
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