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Re: Status of different branches and reasoning to choose

- 18/02/2024 15:24:57
Le 18.02.2024 13:18, Peter Niederlag a écrit :

> Hi,

> oca hosts a lot of repositories whith branches for the different

> versions of odoo (..14,16,17). What's missing for me is a big picture 

> of

> the overall state of the different versions... Is community still most

> complete/stable on 14, 16 oder 17 (or maybe even 12)?

> What version would you suggest to start with?

> What's also missing for me is a good big picture on the difference in

> code/features beetween odoo enterprise, odoo open-source and oca on the

> different versions.

Because of rigorous OCA policy, the code is allways in a very good 
state. All OCA modules are stables (some are in alpha or beta version 
but it is told in the Readme). Obviously, Odoo extend its 
functionlitiezs and some OCA modules become obsoletes -- but some of 
them are still there for various reasons (like a different workflow).

Regarding versions, I had the same questions years ago. The answer 
depends of what you really need instead of which version has more 
functionalities. First of all, Odoo tends to be more stable in pair 
versions and OCA is run by volunteers who are not allways using a recent 
version of Odoo. Some modules are also very generic because OCA members 
use them as a base for their need.

Also, you have to understand that OCA's modules are useful for both Odoo 
Enterprise and Odoo Community Edition. OCA doesn't intend to complete 
the Odoo CE, it share module or libs that are useful for integrators.

If you need a big picture, it help to browse (both free 
and paid modules) using categories to understand what is missing in 

Finally you allways have to wait some months before choosing an Odoo 
version because a lot of bugs are fixed during the year (for example, 
Odoo 16 has 4 "dot realases").

I will advice the Odoo 16 CE version from the OCB repository (see OCB 
faq in the corresponding wiki). A lot of modules are already migrated. 
If you need some other modules, wait a bit or choose the 14 version -- 
or better, help the migration (money, code, ...).

Hope it help
Xavier Brochard
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