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RE: Module for charging the cost of product return by the customer.

Kevin McMenamin
- 03/09/2020 22:12:30

We have a restocking fee module but is for V13 – on the company record set a restocking fee product, then add to all returns. The customer pricelist then determines how much of a fee should be charged. When the credit note is created the restocking fee has a quantity of -1 to effectively reduce the credit.


Happy to share if of interest


From: Mignon, Laurent <>
Sent: Friday, 4 September 2020 1:23 AM
To: Contributors <>
Subject: Module for charging the cost of product return by the customer.


Hi Community,


I am looking for a module to apply charges on customer returns.

The idea is :
* to be able to specify per customer if return fees are applicable.
* to generate if necessary an invoice when running the return wizard. (the cost will be computed per returned product regardless of the number of units of the same product returned).


I have not found a module in OCA covering this kind of need. Do you know if such a module already exists?


target version is Odoo 10.0




Laurent Mignon

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