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Re: Mounting location of part upon production

Therp, Tom Blauwendraat
- 16/02/2024 15:30:10
On 2/16/24 15:17, Landis Arnold wrote:


> One way to accomplish some of this is to simply use "structured 

> serialization".

> If you were to apply  to your Chair use case, you might do the following:


> 200 Legs become 200 serialized items.

> In your BOM you would apply a Top Down with Chair, Leg position 1, 2, 

> 3 and 4, Other components

> Focusing on the Leg Positions:  Basically a BOM for each would allow 

> the Serialized Legs to be used for their source.

> You would Select a Serial Number for each in the BOM positions for 

> each (leg1, leg2, leg3, leg4)

Hi Landis,

this sounds exactly like what I need, but I'm not sure that I follow - 
if you say you need a "bom for each", then you basically mean defining 
each leg as a separate product, which you include in the main BoM; so 
there's a production step in between where a leg becomes a leg1, and 
then becomes part of the table. Am I right? Or are you talking about 
some other kind of serialization, that I don't yet know about?