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Re: Mounting location of part upon production

Landis Arnold
- 16/02/2024 15:14:40
Perhaps related to your request Tom,
I have worked through something "similar" to this recently.  My use case involved "halves" of a paddle tracked by incoming lots,  right and left side, weights and lengths, and quality.
The objective of the process was to primarily match pairs, such that left and right side would be balanced,  we would know the combined maximum length of the two sides, and we would flush out any blemishes, and in fact also try to pair blemishes.

I used Serialization of Incoming as well as BOM processes for this.
In parallel I built a system in Filemaker which would allow quick sorting of weights/lengths etc.  That sorting allowed relatively simple processing of components into pairs.  Then at time of final build the pairs are combined to built paddle in specific length, twists and control hand specifications.
Back in Odoo, the traceability report shows the full flow of components used in each paddle.  In the Inventory/Warehouse App, if you look at Serial Numbers. then unselect "product" in the filter/search box, you can then see all of the serial numbers and if used, where they have been used.  This would go "up or down" in terms of a flow from initial part, paired part, built part.


But about your Chair and Chair Leg approach.

One way to accomplish some of this is to simply use "structured serialization".  
If you were to apply  to your Chair use case, you might do the following:

200 Legs become 200 serialized items.
In your BOM you would apply a Top Down with Chair, Leg position 1, 2, 3 and 4, Other components
Focusing on the Leg Positions:  Basically a BOM for each would allow the Serialized Legs to be used for their source.
You would Select a Serial Number for each in the BOM positions for each (leg1, leg2, leg3, leg4)  

I have been doing this with Odoo 14  Community.    There could definitely be different/better reports for some of this, but if you look well enough, and jump to the correct app, most things are findable.

I hope that some of this above may be helpful.

Landis Arnold

Nomadic Inc.
Niwot, CO USA

From: "Tom Blauwendraat" <>
To: "Odoo Community Association, (OCA) Contributors" <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 6, 2024 1:17:27 PM
Subject: Re: Mounting location of part upon production

That could indeed be a nice idea - based on where the leg is placed at the moment, we modify a field on the serial number indicating the position.
That said, maybe it could then also be an extra field that we store the information on in stock.move or stock.quant table, to avoid write traffic on the lot table. Let me think about that some more.

Thanks, Graeme!

Therp - Open Source ERP solutions built on Odoo

On 6 Feb 2024, at 12:22, Graeme Gellatly <> wrote:

Yes, but there is a second field on serials, I don't recall its name, but I use it a lot to store information and lot names are surprisingly accessible during manufacturing processes. I wouldn't discount the idea, it is a pretty simple workaround.

On Tue, Feb 6, 2024 at 5:42 AM Tom Blauwendraat <> wrote:
On 2/5/24 16:02, Daniel Reis wrote:

> Option 3 looks similar to Lot/Serial usage. What if you (ab)used Lot 

> numbers for this?

Good idea in theory, but in my case we're already using serial numbers 
to track the parts

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