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Re: Best model for selling unique products (used machines)

Open for Small Business, Graeme Gellatly
- 26/08/2020 22:40:18
Your main issue is this.

If I sell lots of the same product in different states with a reasonably high inventory turnover - then I'd use lots. The reason is, plenty can go wrong using products, like imagine the work in activating, deactivating, creating a new product each time, stocktakes and maintenance. You end up with 100's of items with very similar descriptions, some are in stock some aren't.  If a user picks the wrong one, it actually sucks changing everything like the sale, picking etc, whereas for lots it is generally easily editable. 

If I sell few products or always different makes/models, then using product, deaactivating and all the other work on the item list maintenance side might be worth it and easier than the work in maintaining lots.  You just duplicate, update description etc and hope noone makes a mistake with accounts, categories, duplicate references etc.

To me lots are completely natural, as a lot is a specific identifiable instance of a product, but if you are treating products as essentially the lot anyway then there is no point.

On Wed, Aug 26, 2020 at 8:12 PM Peter Hahn <> wrote:
Dear all, thanks for all the input.

Am 26.08.20 um 09:52 schrieb Roussel, Denis:

> From my point of view and from near experience of customer of ours, we advise as some said to not change too much the Odoo base objects purpose as, along project life, you'll need to twist all the Odoo flows to adapt to your changes. 

That’s interesting, because that’s the main thing I am thinking about:
Which approach will break the most/need the most customization?

What flows do you think of exactly?

In my use case I only intend to add informative information to the
products, so my current impression is, that using products will give me
all the flows I need out of the box, while `stock.production.lot` will
be at least a bit cumbersome in the UI for users and need customizations
to make it work as expected for the user. (E.g. I think one would expect
the sold machine (lot) named on the invoice)

> As Graeme said, the lots are the good place to extend modelization for one product instance.
Ok. This seams to be somewhat common sence among the list.

Ok. I think I don’t need to bother you anymore but just make a decision.

So to get to more concrete question:
What could be possibly go wrong using product.product?
What do you expect to break?

The only thing I can think off that would be strange is, if they one day
decide to sell something completly different things too. Than all the
machine specific information won’t make much sense.

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