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Best model for selling unique products (used machines)

InitOS GmbH, Pete Hahn
- 21/08/2020 15:34:56

I have a hard time to decide which Odoo model to use for selling unique

The products are used machines. So in general one could think of a
generic product with manufacturer and model and a certain instance of it.
But since these are used items, they come with a lot of customizations
and other instance specific attributes like operation hours etc.
So it’s more like the product == instance.

We thought about using `product.product` for the brand/model and
`stock.production.lot` for the instance, but after some research in the
odoo v12 code I'm not sure if this is really the best option.

To me it looks like `stock.production.lot` is more about tractability of
instance of generic products **after** they have been sold, since
`stock.production.lot`  is very tightly tied to stock operations.

We need to have product instances already during the whole CRM, Quote,
SaleOrder process. I don’t see how to easily put `stock.production.lot`
on `sale.order.lines`.

The other option would be just going for `product.product` and assume
product == product instance.

I’m not really sure about benefits/drawbacks or maybe other/better

Please give me your opinions about what model is best to use as a base
for selling unique items in odoo.

Thanks. Regards, Peter