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Operation related to Asset Management

Ecosoft Co. Ltd., Kitti Upariphutthiphong
- 22/07/2020 08:14:18
Dear community,

My I check whether the following feature is relevant to OCA or being useful.

We done Odoo and got to learn some practice from an organization that deal with a lot of asset. Both normal asset, low valued asset, asset in transit, asset under construction.

They have asset operation like,
  • Change Ownership,
    • i.e, change cost center (analytic)
  • Value Adjustment,
    • i.e., knowing sometime later that, there are additional expenditure into that assets and so the value should be increased
  • Transfer (merge or split),
    • i.e., 2 asset under construction, merged as new final working Asset.
    • An normal acquired asset that splits into smaller assets.
We would love to port these features into OCA. But I am not very sure it will be useful, nor is it generic enough.

Any comments?