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Re: Travis CI fails

Vauxoo, Moisés López Calderón
- 15/07/2020 17:17:54
Hi Carlos,

Thanks for your contribution.

The stable branch was green but I just rebuilt just now and it changed to red.

It looks like there is a new error installing requirements.txt:

It is offtopic for your PR.

For your PR you should consider fix the flake8 style errors:

mail_outbound_static/models/ E303 too many blank lines (3)
mail_outbound_static/models/ E501 line too long (90 > 88 characters)
mail_outbound_static/models/ E265 block comment should start with '# '

I will create an issue about the requirements.txt

El mié., 15 jul. 2020 a las 9:57, Carlos Manuel Alvarez López (<>) escribió:


I am trying to make a contribution in the OCA/social repo for v10, but The Travis CI build fails, in my module the errors are code style, what worries me is that some of the tests fail due to dependency errors that are not related to my module and I understand that this does not let me pass the continuous integration tests.

Best regards

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