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Re: Yet another followup module ?

ClosingAp Open Source Integrators Europe, LDA, Daniel Reis
- 19/06/2020 10:19:24
Thank you Alexis.

In my opinion, the least surprising option is to create the 10.0 branch on the same repo.
Do you have access to do that?


On 19/06/2020 00:11, Alexis de Lattre wrote:

Le lun. 15 juin 2020 à 18:42, Alexis de Lattre <> a écrit :
I'll backport it to v10 very soon.

My v10 backport of this module is now ready... but while I was preparing the PR, I figured out that there is no 10.0 branch on credit-control project, because it started with v11. So the options are:
1) we create an empty 10.0 branch and I make a PR on it.
2) I propose the module to another OCA project for v10
3) I keep it in an akretion project for v10

Any advice ?

Alexis de Lattre
Akretion France - 27 rue Henri Rolland - 69100 Villeurbanne - France
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Mobile : +33 6 99 08 92 45

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