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Re: The Concept of "Charge"

- 15/06/2020 12:23:44

Hi Kitti,

with what you describe:
- it seems you could use products. The products in the approval request may not be the same as the products in the PO, but can be in the same category, hence they will be mapped to the same GL account
- to compare the actual amount and budget amount for an approval request, you could as Daniel mentioned, use analytic accounts.

Or simply make sure that on all the purchase order/vendor bills, that they have the same reference number (budget number) so you can query and get the comparison budget/actual per product category

Less developments...
my 2 cents.

On Mon, 15 Jun 2020 at 16:47, Kitti Upariphutthiphong <> wrote:
Thank you to all for the opinion.

I came across the "Charge" because I have the need to do comparing report between "planned budget" and "resulting expense" with "activity based".

  • At the time of Budget Planning, it is for "End Users", so things must make sense for them, and accounting code is not. User wants to plan with "Activity based" (i.e., traveling by land, traveling by air, training inhouse, training aborad, etc., which they map with an account code)
  • At the time of PR, the "Product" is not even chosen¬†yet, and the user will be using "Activity" to make purchase request,
  • Only at the time of PO and Invoice that, "Product" and "Accounting Code" is viable. Still the "Activity" matrix need to be there too.
With that, we can compare "Plan" and "Result" in activity terms.

I might have messed up my requirement with the "Charge" or "Product" concept. With you guys answer I think I am more cleared myself.

I will have create the "Activity" matrix, and deploy them on both Plan and Resulting document. Will make it the PR to OCA, although I am not sure it will be generic enough.

Thank you all!