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Re: OCA Repositories in Odoo Apps Store

Camptocamp SA, Yannick Payot
- 11/06/2020 14:21:31

Not sure to get what you mean, probably a language issue on my side. I know we own the domain.

My point is that IMO search engine algorithms and search behavior will lead people to or not to for any search like "Odoo modules" "Odoo addons".
Thus with the apps store is a great way to give us visibility.

Furthermore once someone knows about the store he might even be using it to search for addons.

From a search engine you need to explicitly search for "Odoo community" or "Odoo OCA" to learn there is a community.
So currently our "traffic" *could* come from both github and the apps store. And as github is for techies I don't see how other people would reach us otherwise.
Of course I have no much data to back that up, but I feel our presence on is much required.
We can still see that we have thousands of downloads on our modules from, from people that are less likely to go through github to grab directly the code.

Sadly, I logged in our OCA account on and we have no download statistics dashboard, there is only a dashboard for sales (net very helpful when you sell nothing).
So I don't even know if those thousand downloads are limited in time or not.

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On Thu, 11 Jun 2020 at 12:27, Graeme Gellatly <> wrote:

On Thu, Jun 11, 2020 at 10:06 PM Yannick Vaucher <> wrote:
Pedro I honestly don't know the visibility of the app store as of today. However, I tend to think that the starting point of newcomers is still the official .

I would hope is not referenced at all anywhere. is our domain.  

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