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Re: OCA Repositories in Odoo Apps Store

TAKOBI s.r.l., Lorenzo Battistini.
- 11/06/2020 07:36:18
- The more important one: Odoo forbids in their conditions to have the module with a lower price (free in this case) available in other places. This was something highlighted by Ivan Yelizariev in Twitter and I think it's still not enforced, but it's a matter of time. He can comment about this if reading this thread.

I think this could be the blocking point. They write it at
> If you sell your app directly from your website, or on others platforms: the price on the Odoo Apps store should always be equal or lower than the one on other platforms.
> If you offer promotions or discounts on other platforms, you must decrease the price on the Odoo Apps store to the same amount, during the same period

However I see Ivan's modules published, with price, on apps, and freely available on github.

Nevertheless, I like Frederik's idea: it could be a good way to fund the OCA.
But it could be a difficult way. If we want to try it, we should ask Odoo SA about the possibility of publishing priced modules on their website and free modules on OCA website.
After all, for them it could be an additional source of profit, compared to the current situation.