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Re: Info on "lost" PR

Stefano Consolaro
- 02/06/2020 11:31:32
I like "make reviews to get reviewers", the domino effect can have a good result in this case.
My only problem is to learn (Odoo, code, ...) do to useful review, but I will do.

Da: "Daniel Reis"
Hi Stefan, not a procedure, more like a social skill :-)
I usually try tagging/pinging people to help, but that’s not always successful.
Next you can look for other pending PRs and do review them. That “entitles” you to ask the person to review back your PR.
This is not because of you or what you’re doing. It happens to me also. The thing is we have more PR proponents that PR reviewers. The solution, IMO, is to make reviews to get reviewers.

Da: "Stefano Consolaro"
Hi Daniel,
sorry if I write directly to you, but I need help to understand the right path to complete the PR.
Some time ago you approved one of my PR (my first on OCA ;-)), but I have other that are waiting:
264, 266, 267, 282, 283, 284, 286 and the porting of 265: 325 and 326.
There is some procedure to request revisions or your team do it based on community necessity/priority?
Some hint?

Thanks in advance