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Re: How and in what typical environments is Community Odoo begin used

Le Filament, Rémi Cazenave
- 22/04/2020 09:13:07

Hi Jonathan, all,

Funny enough I had a discussion a few months back with an Odoo integrator working with Odoo enterprise only, and he was arguing this is where the revenue was (and did not understand why we would not become an Odoo partner).

At Le Filament we have the opposite approach, working exclusively with Open Source softwares, so only with Odoo Community version, and we still have decent revenue :)

Our strategy is somehow different though, since we are not selling Odoo software but rather an adapted solution for our customers (based on Odoo but most of our customers are not coming to us looking for Odoo).

We spend time at the beginning of projects involving all future users, to determine how they expect the tool that will accompany them to work, then we install Odoo and make the necessary integration / configuration / development to fit their needs.


So far we have installed Odoo Community for 30+ customers (from 2 to 200 users) and seldomly we have to send them to an Odoo Enterprise integrator (it happened though when they were already convinced that Odoo Enterprise was what they needed).

Regarding Accounting functionalities, most of our customers do not use it extensively in Odoo but work with an Accounting partner or internal service (with their own specialized accounting tool) which are fed with exports from Odoo journals (mainly Sales, Purchase, Expense and POS), so I could not answer whether full accounting can be properly done in Community version, although I do not see any show stoppers.

Best Regards,

Le Filament Rémi CAZENAVE
06 87 23 26 04

Le 2020-04-21 23:32, Jonathan Wilson a écrit :

Hi All
I love watching all the email go back and forth in this forum and only pretend to know what you are all talking about but coming from a solid commercial programming background myself (no python :-) I understand in general terms but don't feel qualified to comment except maybe from a functional perspective at times.
At WilldooIT we are fairly firmly placed in the Odoo enterprise world as the commercial reality is that is where the revenue is. However, I do realise that the community version is very functional in its own right especially in the basic ERP functionalities and front-end capabilities. In this forum, I get the impression that there are some serious implementations of the Odoo community version and was wondering if you could give me some examples or typical use-cases? And if the lask of the enterprise accounting features is the main reason customers move to Odoo enterprise, and if the OCA financial reporting modules sufficient for larger companies.
I must admit to feeling a bit guilty writing this as I once promised Maxime Chambreuil to approach Australian universities and Tech schools to get Odoo introduced as a learning tool for both the IT and Finance streams. I think it is a great idea and I have made a couple of attempts but time seemed to get the better of me - apologies Maxime, I will keep trying.
Kind regards

Jonathan Wilson

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WilldooIT Pty Ltd

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