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Re: bi_sql_editor

Groupement Régional Alimentaire de Proximité, Sylvain LE GAL
- 27/03/2020 11:30:28
Hi Dominique,

Thanks for your proposal. Regarding bi_sql_editor, there is a pending improvment in V12, available here.
Could you cherry pick also this commit, to include it in v13 ? 
(well, if you want to review also this PR, you're welcome).

thanks !
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Le ven. 27 mars 2020 à 11:16, Florian da Costa <> a écrit :
Hi Dominique,

The module sql_request_abstract is beeing migrated here :
I guess you could review it to help getting it merged. (and it probably should be moved to

About bi_sql_editor, there is not ongoing work, so you can propose it here :
Here are some information to make migration to version 13 :


Le ven. 27 mars 2020 à 11:06, Dominique k <> a écrit :
Hi all,

I have migrated the module bi_sql_editor and sql_request_abstract to odoo13.
err.. is there any procedure to submit it to the OCA? need to create a new branch?

Dominique KON-SUN-TACK 

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