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Re: GSSAPI support to connect Odoo 12 to MS Exchange

joserprieto, Jose R. Prieto
- 29/02/2020 19:39:32
I think that is necessary a small brief about requirements and more

Today, we have two major options of Online Office Suites:

- G Suite
- Office 365

And, open source:

- NextCloud (and may be Owncloud) + CollaboraOnline + ¿other tools? (as mailserver, I think that the most used is postfix + dovecot) 

So, we have a set of tools for companies, to do this tasks:

- Communication (instant or "async") 
- Office Work
- Calendar / events (shared) 
- Contacts (shared) 

And, in some cases, offers more functionality than these. 

So, may be better one repository that want to support the connectors with these type of tools; and move the current gsuite integrations to it. 

In the other side, we can make two or three new repos:
- Connectors for G Suite
- Connectors for Office 365 / Exchange (May be, SharePoint and other MS tools) 
- Connectors for NextCloud / CODA

I think that first step is write a requirements doc (with Google Docs, for example? Or, a isolated repository with. md files, as you want), before make nothing more. 

I think that this modules are more interesting for Odoo/OCA, to integrate in large organizations with G Suite / Office 365. 
And, in the same form, this is interesting for both Google and Microsoft, so if OCA wants to offer they support, we can invite Ms and Google, and they (may be) can offer G Suite / Office 365 accounts to dev/test purposes, or another value resources... 

Just only ideas... 


El sáb., 29 feb. 2020 17:06, alfadil tabar <> escribió:

On Sat, 29 Feb 2020, 6:57 pm Maxime Chambreuil, <> wrote:
Ok, let's start a connector-microsoft repository... Who is in?

El sáb., 29 de febrero de 2020 06:42, Holger Brunn <> escribió:
> Talking about Microsoft..

> Is any work done to connect Odoo with Office 365?

> One part of the suite is MS Exchange / Outlook, but connection with Word,

> Excel, OneDrive, can be more interested (like the Google / G Suite

> connectors). Regards.

I never actually tried this with Office 365, but as it's the same protocol this 
should work.

Therp - Maatwerk in open ontwikkeling

Holger Brunn - Ontwerp en implementatie


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